Eme Bass in Mulholland Hills

Eme (pronounced "EM") is a smart, beautiful and delightful 15 year old from California. She tends to be my muse while I'm in her city. The last time I paid a visit to the golden state, I set up a shoot with Miss Eme and in the process collected inspiration while putting together her look from head to toe. 

Something beautiful tends to happen when you allow the spur of the moment to guide you. Things tend to fall in place, sometimes better than you first anticipated. In this case, everything about this shoot was run and gun (where I often find myself). I guess I've become a master at letting go of control and rolling with the punches. Make the best of every moment and you're bound to find some inspiration and beauty along the way!

Thanks for writing your lovely note, Eme! Such a treat to shoot with you, always.

Keep scrolling to see her own words and a behind the scenes video of what it was like to watch this beauty on the move.

Though the shoot was impromptu, I really do not think it could have gone better.
— Eme Bass

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