Deconstructed Photo Shoot ft. Loren Kavo

Through our desperate need for a creative outlet, Loren Kavo and I schemed a photoshoot that was organic and filled with emotion. As the sun was beginning to peak through her Lakewood home windows, I had my phone playing from a playlist I have titled "Feel It". Gradually we began feeling the rhythm of the clicks from my camera and her soft blinks met with delicate fingers tracing skin. There is something so abstract, beautiful and empowering about a woman lost in her emotions. Like she is voyaging the sea. But we are never really lost, just adventurers through our own mind.  


Scroll through to find our end result, our moodboard and music selects from our shoot followed by a Q&A with KAVO herself.




Q&A with KAVO

My soul is constantly on fire with the beauty surrounding us.
— Loren Kavo

I noticed you are very comfortable being sensitive and vulnerable in front of the camera. Like you are able to be emotional while being watched. Has this taken practice or is it in your nature?

I find it is very easy to be vulnerable when you are connected and secure with yourself. The opportunity to give to others and bring life to something creatively is a beautiful thing. Vulnerability is a facet of strength, to create honestly you need that. It's something I have built over time, but yes it comes naturally.

Where do you gain inspiration from when it comes to modeling?

My inspiration in general comes from life. Everything is everything, it is all connected.
Art, history, astronomy, fashion, nature.
My soul is constantly on fire with the beauty surrounding us.

Any embarrassing modeling stories from when you first ventured into modeling 5 years ago?

Not gonna lie...I have never been embarrassed in a modeling scenario. I laugh too much at myself for that...staying relaxed is key!

How do you get into character when you are in front of the lens?

Acting is my heart and soul, so I use that in modeling.
Creating a story and character is what I do for every shoot. You have to feel, think, breathe in that moment.
You need that to get authentic and connected images.

What is your go-to artist when you want to mentally escape?

Anywhere from Bob Dylan to The Roots to Lou Reed to SOHN to Keaton Henson.
Preferably on vinyl and laying by the water.

What was most memorable about your shoot with Sukilynn?

Her energy is so comforting. Her eye for style is just brilliant. She sees things in a different way...building something out of nothing mindset.
My huge thing is lighting and angles, and she is on point.
Just such a strong and talented woman.

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