No Ugly Crying Feat. Sudie

We all do it. We all cry at some point or another. With the inevitable trials that are placed before us, somehow  we have created the need to keep a calm and cool head 100% of the time. I don't know about you but I tend to feel the most closure when I deal with my emotions as they come and actually let the truth come out in whatever form it takes. 

No matter what the situation, I think it's essential to allow yourself to be vulnerable from time to time. For this project, all of my fellow collaborators had their own way to connect to the theme. Sudie, a singer/song writer from Dallas, TX shared with me that at the core of her writing she tends to allow herself to cry and connect to her words. Jenn Karsner, a Make Up/Hair Stylist from Dallas, TX had recently experienced a passing of a loved one and even I, myself, was having a hardship weigh on my shoulders. 

All of these reasons are all equally beautiful, natural and human situations resulting in a reaction that is fit to each person. Instead of feeling ashamed, we decided to celebrate this little fact of life. No matter the day, the reason it is okay to be your true self for a moment and shed a tear or two. At the end of the day, we dust ourselves off and carry on. 



The brilliant thing about Fashion Photography is building a concept that has the flexibility to lend itself to not only beautiful imagery but to pull from emotions and truly explore a form of Art.

Thank You for reading! Enjoy this fashion video from the set of No Ugly Crying filmed by Sukilynn.